What is this blog? It’s a place to host the writing of the incredibly famous and world renowned Rustbelt Rebel. It has gone through many iterations–you will find writing from the past that is both embarrassing and wonderful. You will find a years long gap between regular writing and now. I call that gap ‘the break down years.’ 

If you dig through the archives before the breakdown, read them for what they are: the writing of a highly stressed deeply traumatized person that had next to nothing but writing to hold on to.

As you read my writing from this point forward, read it for what it is: work that I feel passionate enough to engage in, even when it’s hard.

Know that this blog will continue to evolve, as I will.

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  1. hi there, I’m one of your patreon people. i have followed your process and your work since the BFP days. i just want to say that your words have meant a lot to me over the years. i hope you are thriving, and i’m sending love and light your way.

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