From the COVID draft pile

Posted by on Apr 25, 2022

I wrote this back when covid first started, but never published it. I forgot all about it until I started digging through all my accounts I set up across the social media world, lol. It’s really interesting to me to remember where i was just two years ago. 

We live in a different world than what we did back before our particular state/country went on lockdown. Trying to create a space where I can ignore that things are different doesn’t seem as important to me as a space where I (with all of you!) can try to figure out how to integrate this new world into my life. There are a ton of things I want to write about–but it’s important to me to start with that first, I had no words. First, I was struck silent, frozen, reptilian, incapable, and so not productive. Writers and artists are creating content all over the world and it’s been important and meaningful in getting me back up and running again. But for me, first, there was silence. If you are living in the silence that you can’t figure out, in the frozen that you can’t figure out how to thaw, twisted into crushing anxiety over what could’ve or what did happen–I hope you know that you are not alone. There’s a ton of us wrestling with that same space. Eventually figuring out I wasn’t alone was one of the many things that helped me. I hope it will help you too. The world is different now. But as our elder, Prince, let us know–we are gathered here today in this world during this specific time–to get through this thing called life. Together. Dearly beloved–if we have learned anything from this horrible mess, let it be that we can’t get through life alone. We need each other. Maybe we can learn to want each other too.